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Summer Lesson Pc Download

Summer Lesson Pc Download

A summer lesson is one that is focused on teaching children about the letters of the alphabet. These lessons can help your child increase their knowledge, readiness, and skill with letters. Learning to read at an early age (typically 3 years old or younger) can make reading easier later in life. If you are looking for a summer time activity for your kids, you should try these lessons out! They've been crafted to be educational and engaging for young learners. Each lesson focuses on a different letter, with its own printable handouts. Lessons can be done in groups or one-on-one, and are great ways to teach letters, objects, words and books. Kids will love participating in these fun activities all summer long. You can use these lessons to supplement what you are already doing at home or have your child complete one per week over the course of the summer. Let the kids have fun learning about letters while spending time outdoors!


If your child already enjoys reading letters, try this activity. It's perfect for kids who are just starting to learn about letters or have experience recognizing them. Children will enjoy eating alphabet soup (or other fun foods) with their letter of the month. They can also share what they learned about each letter with others. Most of the time, kids don't even know they are learning letters; but once they learn how to read, it is amazing what reading does for their memory, vocabulary and even writing!

PINK PUPPY has now joined our family! She is very special to us and we love that she helps children in need in her own way. All proceeds will go to Pink Puppy Charities which provides hours of therapy for kids battling childhood cancer who otherwise would be unable to attend therapy sessions due to financial constraints. PINK PUPPY CHARITIES

Pink Puppy Charities is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, created by the Ventimiglia family to help children battling cancer. Running costs are covered by Pink Pups, LLC, a for-profit business that was developed for the sole purpose of helping young children battling cancer. Pink Puppy Charities raises money to provide pediatric cancer patients with hours of therapy through the use of our mascot, Pink Puppy, and other fundraising efforts. Pink Pups, LLC. is a special events business created by the Ventimiglia family to help Pink Puppy Charities. They are responsible for the many appearances at charity events, corporate parties, fairs, festivals and hundreds of other appearances throughout the year. They are both dedicated to helping children battling cancer by providing them with much needed therapy sessions provided by professionals in their own community.

Children will learn a lot about what they read and recognize the more they read aloud together. Reading to children is important because it gives them a love for books and reading early on in life.


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